Archive repository with old kernel versions


I am having stability issues with all 5.10 kernels, so I would like to downgrade to the latest official 5.9. But I can’t find the official package anywhere.

Is there a package repository that archives all old binary packages of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed?

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried tumbleweed-cli, not sure if it will go that far back…

A solution going forward is to keep them via adding to multiversion configuration (I keep the last of the series)…

cat /etc/zypp/zypp.conf | grep "multiversion.kernels"

multiversion.kernels = latest,latest-1,running,5.8.15-1,5.9.14-1

Unfortunately kernel 5.9.x is long gone from the “history channel”, see for instance
But you may find what you need here:

I think Takashi Iwai (one of the kernel maintainers) keeps a repo with older kernels, though they are probably from the stable kernels repo, rather than from Tumbleweed. I don’t have the url, but you can probably find it with a search – maybe search for kernels of

Just a few…

osc se kernel-default | grep "home:tiwai:kernel"

home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.29                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.30                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.33                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.35                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.36                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.38                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:2.6.39                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.10                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.13                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.14                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.15                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.17                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.18                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.19                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.2                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.3                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.8                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:3.9                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.0                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.10                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.11                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.13                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.14                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.15                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.16                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.17                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.18                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.19                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.19.y                                               kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.2                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.20                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.3                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.4                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.5                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.6                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.7                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.8                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:4.9                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.0                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.1                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.10                                                 kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.2                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.3                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.4                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.5                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.6                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.7                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.8                                                  kernel-default
home:tiwai:kernel:5.9                                                  kernel-default

Yes, that’s it. I think he keeps the most recent of each series.

These are his builds originally made as part of his normal kernel development processes. They won’t be the exact same versions as the final official releases, but they are normally no less competent, and most likely identical.