Arch Linux: Build for ARM (e.g. aarch64)

Hi all,

is it possible to add the packages/repo to the OBS (for dependencies) in order to build packages for Arch Linux ARM (e.g. aarch64)?


OBS workers do not have Internet access, so AFAIK you need to import needed packages into OBS repository.

Thanks a lot. I thought on adding the repo similar to the existing reops “Arch:Extra” and “Arch:Community”.
The Latter for example is referencing the Arch repo via “**Download on demand sources” (**

I will try :slight_smile:

Ok, from my understanding, it is only possible for an admin to add “Download on Demand” repositories - in case you have your own OBS instance running. So this would probably a feature request to the OBS maintainers :slight_smile:

Interesting. When I try to add Arch:Core (e.g.) I’m offered ARM architectures as well (e.g. aarch64). Is it not enough? Or is archlinuxarm independent clone? In this case it should be added as separate repository indeed.

Indeed. The archlinuxarm packages are located at a separate repository (e.g. I tried this also and got errors about missing dependencies for the packages.
So this should be addressed to the OBS mailing list?

Yes, I’d say so. In principle, you could also try bugzilla for BuildService component. But I think mailing list would be better for a start.

Thanks a lot arvidjaar. I will :slight_smile: