apt-get: Command not found!

Heys, I’m new to Suse, and im trying to install and fix a program trough the console, was going to go “sudo apt-get install build-essentials”
But then the terminal said Apt-get:command not found, and then ive started to wonder, why does my Suse OS not have apt-get command installed by default?
thats question number one, and number two is, how do i get it?

Thanks :slight_smile:

openSUSE has zypper instead:
Zypper/Usage/11.0 - openSUSE

Some openSUSE basic concepts:
Concepts - openSUSE

openSUSE doesn’t use apt-get (it is available I think??), it uses the
zypper command. In this case you could select the base development

sudo zypper in -t pattern devel_basis

Use the se option to see the full list,

zypper se -t pattern

There are many more, see the man page :slight_smile:

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I tried that but on my Ubuntu machine it said:

bash: zypper: command not found

Oh dear, what’s wrong? ;);):wink:

PS: It’s a joke, ok?

PPS: Actually I do now and then make the mistake of typing yum at OpenSUSE or rug at RHEL or any of a number of wrong combinations.

You made my day.lol!

BTW, I do have something useful to post, come to think of it. Distrowatch recently published a cheatsheet summarising the commands for all the major (and some minor) package managers. You can find it at

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Thanks for the help guys!!!rotfl!