Apps opening on secondary monitor


I have openSUSE 11.2 KDE with NVIDIA drivers. I have a TV on the left and a monitor on the right. In the Nvidia drivers this has also been setup as stated. The TV is on position 0:0 and the monitor is in position 1920:0. The monitor has been ticked in the drivers as the primary screen .

My problem is that all application open on the secondary screen and not the primary screen (monitor) as I expect.

Any ideas or suggestions related to the OS/drivers that will ensure that application always open on the monitor situated on the right are welcome.

Are you using Twinview or two separate X screens? I suspect the latter, in which case it is because you launch the apps from that screen.

I use separate X screens.My TV is on the left, monitor on the right, but I’ve told openSUSE that they’re the other way around.

Aside from apps opening correctly on the monitor because it’s at position 0,0 it’s easier to home the mouse cursor that way, especially if you have icons on the left hand side. The mouse stops at the left edge if you overshoot and you can then come back in to hit the icons.

I guess it’s one of those things you have to try to be convinced.

It’s been a while since I used two X screens but from what I remember, it means that you have two main menus and two panels by default, though you can of course disable one of them. However, an app launched from the second screen will also run on that screen, and you cannot move them to the other. The solution to your problem, if I understand that correctly, would then be to place an icon or menu item on the screen that you want the app to run on, and launch it from there. Or am I missing something?

In response to the first question I am using Twinview.

The size and position of application windows depend pretty much on the application itself (inifiles or --geometry parameters) and/or on the window manager you are using.
In Kde, you can define, among other properties, the size and position of each application window in System Settings > Window Behavior > Window-Specific.
These settings are saved in the file ~/.kde4/share/config/kwinrulesrc. Once you understand the syntax, you can edit this file by hand an add other applications. To force an application to start on the top left corner of your right monitor, you should use the following settings in that application’s section of kwinrulesrc: