Applications to watch tv & listen to radio

Any suggestions? Which programs do you use to watch TV and listed to radio i use a tv tuner and not the internet?
Check also this: :: And the winning Linux TV program is: tvtime

what desktop enviroment are you using?

I’m using Kde 4.0

I think tvtime is one of the best out there. it’s simple and easy to use

So it is tvtime to watch tv! What about the radio??

I like kdetv, though development seems rather dead. tvtime has better picture quality, the channel handling is better in kdetv.
The kderadio app is nice for radio, I don’t know any other.


I downloaded the KRadio

what about for gnome?

Kaffeine, Ale TV, Me TV, and MoTV are useless for my card, so it seems, ATSC requirement, i.e. analog cable


try VLC, i like it…