Application uninstall

Dear All,
How can I uninstall an application installed threw the downloaded application specific website ?
As it is not in the list of repo, I cant see it.
Thank You in advance

was it an rpm you installed?
if so you can, from a command line:

rpm -e [/full/path/name_of_package.rpm]

if you installed it as root, you will have to uninstall as root…
so, before you do the above you need to:

su -

and give the root password when asked…

if it was not an RPM i guess you need to go to that specific site and
see what they say about uninstalling…

like, if it was a .bin file i have no idea…

if you installed by compiling from source, there is probably info in
the source tarball about how to uninstall…

note to self: imo the best course (in the future) is to learn how to
uninstall bin and source files BEFORE you install…personally, i make
it a habit to NOT install items without a clear way out, unless i am
certain i both trust the source and need (not just want) the application…

ymmv…oh, and if you need more just ask, but i’ll probably need to
see the site and package you installed…(and, even then i might have
no idea…but, others might!)


Hello Platinium,
Yesss !
I found how to uninstall in the folder where I compiled the installation.
Thank You for the precious advice

> Thank You for the precious advice

welcome…enjoy the freedom!

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