Application install/Antivirus

I have opensuse 11.0 on dual boot with windows xp. Im pretty new to linux, so its good to have windows in case something is beyond me on linux.

My 1st question is, why dont applications always appear in the application browser after a package installation?

My 2nd question is, can anyone suggest an anti virus that will scan my windows hard drives? I tried the anti virus on XP and the virus keeps crashing it. I tried to install a linux anti virus and it doesnt appear in the manager.


I can’t give you a specific reason why some app’s install to the menu and some don’t, it’s just the way the install script is written I suppose. You can install the app’ to the menu manually by right clicking on the menu button and then click Edit or Menu Editor. To run the app’ manually press Alt + F2 to open the run dialog, type in the name of the app’ and press enter. You may need to run some app’s as root. You can do this from the run dialog or alternatively from root console. Open a console type su or sudo, enter the root password then enter the name of your app and press enter.

There are a number of anti-virus programs, such as clamav or avg for linux. Go into YaST > Software Management, do a search on virus, anti virus or clamav and YaST will show you a bunch that are available for install. Do some research on each before deciding, as each have their quirks. Clamav is good, but if you want it to run automatically you will need to install dazuko and uninstall AppArmor. However, if you are happy to check manually then any of the app’s will do.