app recommendation

I saw a story about a program called spacer. It seems to be a gui to give status of hard drives. I do not see it in the repos but there is one that seems similar called spacefm. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it useful?

Are you talking about status (as in health of the driver) or status as in what is being used? If the latter then you can use baobab (Disk Usage Analyzer), else use smart for health…

The spacefm package is a file manager…

Thank you.

Could you be referring to Stacer?

The flavor of the month in Tumbleweed is cockpit :wink:

Storage output…

An embarrassment of riches!
Stacer is not in opensuse repos. So, as pretty as it looks, I’m sticking with our stuff! I see cockpit is readily available but it seems to be for managing servers exclusively and I am not running a server.

I thank everyone for all the information.