Apache2 and Capital Letters

Is there a setting in Apache2 or in php5 to ignore capital letters in web addresses and links? I am moving files over to my new SUSE 10 OES server running Apache2 and php5. but the links have some capital letters and some lower case for folders. Is there a way for me to tell the server to not worry about the case and just go and show?

Thank you all

Not that I’m aware of. Maybe bite the bullet and fix up the names and links? But the other day I saw on freshmeat.net, a userspace filesystem (using FUSE I think) that created a case-insensitive filesystem on top of a Linux filesystem.

I haven’t tried this yet, you can investigate…

The idea is that any hard paths (real subdirectories) in your website will likely use the UNIX file system so will require case sensitive strings.

On the other hand, if Apache2 respects conventional WWW standards, then configuring <virtual directories> should not be case sensitive.

Don’t know how that might affect filenames (as opposed to foldernames) but you can typically configure default documents for virtual directories which could bypass the issue.

Something to look into, now you’ve got my curiousity up. Maybe I’ll do some testing…