Apache 301 Permanent redirect won't stop cancelled


I’ve got this 301 permanent redirect line in the .htaccess file of domain oldname.com

Redirect 301 /index.html http://newname.com/index.html

For over a year now when I used this addess in my browser http: //www.oldname.com I got this page http: //www.newname.com/index.html
And that’s what I wanted.
But now I want to change back.
So I have now deleted the 301 redirect line from the .htaccess file.
But the redirect remains active.

Can you tell me why?


Restarted Apache?

The .htaccess file is read each time a call is made to the server, so the apache2 processes don’t need to be restarted for the new info in the .htaccess file to be absorbed; i.e. there shouldn’t be a need to “rcapache2 restart”.

But your question set me thinking about cached information and it suddenly dawned on me to clear my browser’s cache. And voila it worked.

Thanks for the nudge :slight_smile:

Yeah, such URLs should be tested using wget --spider --proxy=0 -S to show the server response.

You are welcome. I wasn’t sure the restart would help, but you did not mention if you did, etc. In any case I often just give a clue to bring people away from their strain of thought (ppl often run circles iin their mind jumping over the real cause of a problem). It often helps even without me understanding what the problem was and what the solution. rotfl!