Anyone used BleachBit?

Is BleachBit useful? Safe? Anyone here use it regularly?

Have tried it and it seems like it follows the idea of operating systems being in need to be “cleaned” from time to time. Actually, the only real benefit is harddisk-space being freed - in some cases that might be useful, but given the size of common harddrives these days, I think the effect is rather small.

The user still has to understand the significance of each file / path to be deleted.

Hello 6tr6tr,

I use it regularly. (Once a week)
AFAIK it’s safe.

To prevent bleachbit from deleting important files you can let bleachbit show the files he’s planning to delete.
The only problem I have with bleachbit is that when bleachbit is done with deleting Plasma will crash.
After a second or two it reappears and everything is fine.

This is only a small annoyance because I run it just before I shutdown the computer.

Good luck!:wink:

I ran it twice (installed it this week), and I found no problems so far, except when you select everything and press delete, it stucks. But if you do item at the time (preview first what is major space taking etc), its ok.

It liberated around 1.5 GB of space (WOW)… but now there is nothing much to do… maybe next month or so.