any1 tasted steam under 12.1

new 12.1 looks like running better than 11.4 even on my old laptop and considering to install steam on it, just wonder if any1 already installed steam? any comments? any issues?

I haven’t been keeping up with steam’s linux compatibility, but you are talking about wine right? I can give it a try soon. I’m interested in how well it runs. Was there a game you were playing as well or just the steam community/chat stuff?

How was it in 11.4?

I didnt’have steam installed in 11.4, I heard there were some issues with it.
I play only sometimes with couple of friends in COD4 so I didnt bother installing and troubleshootijng…
But wondering is steam improved with 12.1

I have steam installed - its been the same steam installation for the last couple years. It does seem to crash more often then 11.4, and currently, I can’t enter the store without it crashing. Haven’t really looked into what it might be; I was planning on redoing all of the games into their own WINEPREFIX anyway. Currently, I just have one prefix for Steam and any games installed through it.

I did a clean install of steam (followed steps fromwinehq). That fixed my problem with Steam crashing when it was in any other view other then the Library view. Other then that, seems more or less stable as it usually is. C.S.:Source is crashing every time I engage an enemy, that’s new.

Still had Steam Community enabled, that was causing games to crash. (disable under Settings -> In-Game). It seems to run better under winver 7 rather then the default xp - this will give you a native window border also.