Any way to make a Canon Multi-Function NOT listed in any of the Asia or European sites work using...

CUPS, an odd PPD, or anything that I can look at to try to get my Canon ImageCLASS MF3240 to print and scan. The copy and fax are no brainers from the units panel, but I do need to print, and I do need to scan.
It is direct connect to PC via USB.
Several of the linux versions I have tried as ‘live’ version, ‘recognize’ the ImagCLASS MF3240, and displays it on setup, but since Canon is such a hard case when it comes to printer support for linux, I am hoping there are other ways to get it to print and scan.

BTW, this unit did work on another PC with the Suse version I had about 8 years ago. It was a paid version, and I forget the number designation. Somewhere in the 3 to 3.5 I think.(no I don’t have it anymore or I would try to install it on this machine).

There seems to be little hope.
For the scanner you can use Vuescan
You can take a test with these Printer Driver for Linux V3.50
Inside you will find 3 rpm
Which support different Canon MF ---- attention is a test not a security

I had an MF4370 printing via Ethernet, but it’s been a while, probably at least 2 years since it died. I first found a driver on a Canon UK site. It was at least 6 months later I first found a driver on Canon’s USA site.

I was going to suggest as mrmazda did, a network install of some kind. You might even try an old Ethernet print server. You should be able to pick one up on eBay pretty cheap. I know this would only get the printing working but I have a friend with a 6 year old Canon and we never had any luck getting the scanner working. If you can at all afford it, I picked up my really nice brother HL-2280DW for $50 (Reg $179) from Newegg about 6 years ago the week before Black Friday. That’s the best time for deals.

I have a couple of very nice dot matrix printers, one was about $800 new and it’s huge. They work great with a printer server and it allowed me to hook them to the computer with an Ethernet cable too. Sorry I don’t have any better advice but that’s about all I know about Canon and Linux. My friend’s had a printer driver available but not the scanner driver. I told him to get a Brother before he bought it and he said we’ll figure it out. We never did.

Good luck.

I don’t have a problem with the scanner. Just the printer does not work.
The Skanlite app in the graphics menu does scans without a problem.
Afraid if I ‘try’ one of the setups for a different Canon multi model it will mess even that up.
Thanks for all the suggestions and comments.