Any thoughts about Konrad Zuse ?


I am not sure if any connection between SUSE Linux and Konrad Zuse But I accidentally started to read about him, such an inspiring man. He built a computer and a programming language itself. I wonder what if he could continue his works, we would be chatting about a different kind of computer :slight_smile:

There is no connection.

One should know that “z” in German is pronounced as “ts” and SUSE being a German company has never had an incent to try any pun.
Konrad Zuse, of course, the first to build a programmable computer. Hall of Fame, I’d say, with all the best regards and next to Alan Turing.

Gesellschaft für Software und Systementwicklung mbH” → „S.u.S.E.” »Software- und System-Entwicklung« → „SuSE” → „SuSE LINUX AG” → „SUSE Linux GmbH” → „SUSE Group” – Controller: „SUSE Software Solutions Germany GmbH”.

  • A translation of the German name – “Software and System Development
    ” … - The original name – “Software and System Development private limited company
    ” …

Has absolutely no relationship to Konrad Ernst Otto Zuse (1910 - 1995).
Has absolutely no relationship to Zuse KG (1949 - 1964) – taken over by Brown, Boveri & Cie. – sold to Siemens in 1967.

Which doesn’t mean to say that, Konrad Zuse shouldn’t be forgotten – along with other people who were involved with computer science …

  • Shall we begin with Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace?

OK, then let’s go all the way. I’ll start with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibnitz. He wasn’t just Newton’s favorite rival. He developed (the first?) calculating machine (not a programmable computer, but a predecessor). Maybe more important, Leibnitz developed the binary numeral system as basis of all automated computing.:slight_smile:

Oh man, why must I have time to reply to this? I should be about 8000 km away for my business, or at least out in a pub, meeting friend, having dinner, or whatever…:mad: Well, this will go by and we’ll be back to normal lives - some time…! :slight_smile: