Any Soccer?

Not sure if anyone here watches soccer, but since we are from all over the world, maybe. :slight_smile:

Maybe you like to share what your club is.
If i say mine, i am already in shame.

Ok, i still stand to my home club which is Eintracht Frankfurt which just left the Bundesliga and says hello to the second. :silly:

But enough from me, have you a club you watch, you fever with? My US based friends are most likely don’t watch soccer i assume.
I do like soccer really. Lots of actions, tragic and happiness.

Anyway, hope to hear from you all.

Considering that I live in England you’ll be surprised to hear me say No.

Hate the game with an absolute loathing.

Gridiron for me all the way.

I watch football on tv. I support AEK. AEK means in Greek ΑΘΛΗΤΙΚΗ ΈΝΩΣΙΣ ΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥΠΩΛΕΩΣ in English Athlitiki Enosis Konstantinoupoleos.
Athletic Union of Constantinople. It is a Byzantine athletic team in Athens. This team plays in OAKA(ΟΛΥΜΠΙΑΚΟ ΑΘΛΗΤΙΚΟ ΚΕΝΤΡΟ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ-OLYMPIAKO ATHLITIKO KENTRO ATHINON) stadium.

That’s the symbol of team

And here is a football match(Greek Cup of 2011)
Here the Greek football has many fight in stadium.


And here the round of triumph


Shake hands !! Don’t have to live in England for that :slight_smile:

In my team there was (perhaps for now) a greek who was the top scorer. Theofanis Gekas had 16 goals for 34 games.
Not sure if he will stay for the 2.league, even though he has a 2 year contract.

Fair enough. I am not a soccer nerd, but i do watch it from time to time. And i do know a lot of people that are not interested in soccer, even in my family.

Werder Bremen

It wasn’t a stellar season exaclty. Finished 13th in the Bundesliga.

I hate soccer as well though it’s more understandable in my case because I come from Poland and most likely all of You know that our national team sucks to say the least.

I prefer ice hockey, handball, voleyball. The only team game that I hate more than soccer is basketball.

Btw who watched the ice hockey world championship final yesterday ? :slight_smile: It sure was a great game.

Best regards,

I also love soccer, thank you.


Hogan Scarpe, Sito Hogan, Outlet Hogan, Hogan 2011 Vendita

Gekas is very good player. In AEK we have LIMPEROPOULOS.

Liberopolous has been with Eintracht Frankfurt for some time too.

Yeahh now he is in AEK. Anyway have you seen the greek cup??

No, there is very little Greek football on German TV. But I hear AEK won that Greek cup. Congrats. At least you have something to celebrate!

Yeahh we have something to celebrate. Thank you. But it had fighting and trouble in Stadium.

Without you joining in, I hope ;).

Yeahh I do not like fighting and trouble in stadium. If i will go to Stadium, I will go to see the match and only for that. I am silence person and these situations must stop.

It appears that your team is better managed and you have the same trainer for a long time.
13th place is not so bad, better then 17.

Blackburn Rovers Football Club Pride of Lancashire!!