Any notes app for XFCE?

Linux Mint has an in-house app called Sticky (GitHub - linuxmint/sticky: A sticky notes app for the linux desktop).
I tried to make it function on OpenSUSE Leap, but I’m afraid it would require too much tinkering, as I always end up with the same error: gi.repository.XApp’ object has no attribute ‘StyleManager’.
Therefore, I was wondering if there are any alternative sticky note apps for OpenSUSE Leap XFCE?

Wouldn’t it has been better when you had mentioned XFCE in the title? That this is about openSUSE is clear enough in these forums.

(PS, I can change the title for you if you like).


For XFCE not but, KDE Plasma has such an application – KNotes – <>.

Yes, yes, I know – KDE Plasma

  • It’s the most stable and useable Desktop I’ve ever used –
    Which is why, I use it – every day – 24 by 7 if I could stay awake long enough … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I can change the title for you if you like

Sure, thank you!

In tumbleweed there is notejot not sure if there is in leap.

Perhaps xfce4-notes-plugin?

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Yep I forgot about it.

This is perfect! Thank you so much!

There is an interesting sticky-notes application called EverSticky that synchronizes with Evernote. You’ll have to use Snaps in order to install it,

There is also a strangely named sticky-notes app called bijiben. This one is available in the Tumbleweed repos.