Any body real use opensuee12.2 in the Azure ?

Any body real use opensuee12.2 in the Azure ?
Where i can read step by step for the use opensuse12.2 in the Azure ?


On 02/06/2013 11:06 AM, skoltogyan wrote:
> Any body real use opensuee12.2 in the Azure ?
> Where i can read step by step for the use opensuse12.2 in the Azure ?

google tells me Azure is some kind of VM that runs in a microsoft
product. Azure should provide you all the details you need to load and
run any (all) operating systems…google tells me they do give info,
here is some:

if you can’t follow those instructions then ask them for help…or, dump
Azure, load openSUSE on the bare metal and then come back here and ask
if anyone REAL here can load Windows into a VM running in Linux.

that we know how to do, the Windows gurus should know the answer to
your Q…

openSUSE®, the “German Engineered Automobile” of operating systems!

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform.
Actually, to the Consumer it comes in two modes, the original compute platform that was positioned to expose only dotNET but was later shown if you wish can escape the dotNET jail and run other runtimes as well like Java.

The other is newer and what would be required to run something like Linux, full system virtualization.

I only played with it briefly when it was first possible, not since. Like most PaaS, Azure is Ok but until it implements features like enabling virtual machine self-updating (last I checked, you have to update your machine locally, then upload the whole thing) and merging virtual disks(otherwise you just keep adding), I personally prefer other platforms.


On 02/06/2013 04:56 PM, tsu2 wrote:
> Azure is Microsoft’s cloud platform.

shows how much i keep up with their latest and greatest Ultimate
Professional WhizBangs products! (which are often late on arrival–like
Windows Phone is gonna take over the world, right!!, slight on features
and questionable on security)


Actually I’ve been evaluating Windows Phone 8 for security and so far I can only conclude… In theory (without actually trying to hack it), it’s better in many ways than the competition.

But, that’s not saying much. Android and iOS devices have pathetic internal and limited external security with nothing I’ve seen yet on any roadmap that anyone who has even a passing idea what makes good security is even involved. And, both Android and iOS devices have been shown to be vulnerable to both trojans and drive-by attacks. Unknown similar issues for WinPhone8 but it may be too new to know for sure.


Nobody set OpenSUSE12.2 in AZURE ?

at AZURE forum - don’t answer a question Can not Create Virtual machine from the “MY IMAGES” ( OPENSUSE12.2 x86 )


I’m not amazed. What reason has M$ given to linux users to use their products? Or at least make interaction with their products a simple operation. Understatement: not very much, we’ve had to figure it all out ourselves. And please don’t start on things like Silverlight/Moonlight. They never gave enough to keep moonlight at level with Silverlight.
Another thing is, that the issue of this not working is not to be found in openSUSE, but in Azure.

So, did you test your image before uploading? As I described in my previous post, Azure requires you to create a complete local build before you can upload.

Also, although it’s been awhile, I’d be a bit surprised if adding the openSUSE Cloud repo is necessary, although something in there might be relevant to Hyper-V, I’m not aware of anything.


yes, I tested image. it normally works in hiper-v.

Im sorry - im don`t understand about " I’d be a bit surprised if adding the openSUSE Cloud repo is necessary, "