Ansible bash-completion?

I am bit confused with the ansible packages provided by Tumbleweed. It seems that bash-completion is not there. It seems that either this is not part of the distribution or something is broken.
Can someone please inform me if ansible bash-completion exists in Tumbleweed and if it does, what could possible be wrong with my setup?

So, no one uses Ansible???

Isn’t this available via the following packages (all available in OSS repo…)?


Package description:

Argcomplete provides easy, extensible command line tab completion of
arguments for your Python script.
It makes two assumptions:
You’re using bash as your shell
You’re using argparse to manage your command line arguments/options
Argcomplete is particularly useful if your program has lots of options
or subparsers, and if your program can dynamically suggest completions
for your argument/option values (for example, if the user is browsing
resources over the network).

This should be possible to find as this is also mentioned in the ansible docs:

I feel stupid :frowning:

Many thanks, and thank you for the link to the documentation.