Another login problem

I am here with another login question. This is for a recently upgraded computer rather old (2009)

When I attempt to login on the screen it accepts name and password but hangs there after. Does not xdt the screen colour or give mouse control. I can log in as root of the other user but. It me. So I assume have damaged one of my files.

Only clue I have is the cryptic message if I ssh in “$< too long”

In case it matters I use fvwm and csh

What happens if, you archive the user’s csh login files and, replace them with minimal default login files?

  • At a guess, one of the environment variables defined in the user’s csh login files has a value which exceeds the system’s maximum variable length – for whatever reason …

I fixed it by deleting .history

At least it is behaving now.

I never would have guessed. You didn’t provide much information in your opening post.

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Do you have something other than the default values for the shell variables “HISTFILESIZE” and “HISTSIZE”? – or, whatever they are for “csh” …

From what you’ve written, there was possibly either an extremely long CLI command in the history file or, a corrupt CLI history entry in the file.

  • Editing the “csh” from another user could have been another possibility – at least you could have discovered what really caused the misbehaviour …