Annoying Keyring password or something

It’s something called Keyring in Gnome that asks for my password. I find the program below and delete the password. Now it doesn’t ask for my password when logging in, but I’m signed out of my Google Drive account. If I sign in again in Google Drive Online Accounts this Keyring is triggered again. How to delete it?

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The “annoying” Keyring is an encrypted password wallet … :smiling_imp:

  • If you believe that, password wallets aren’t a worthwhile application, you could read what security experts such as Bruce Schneier have written on the subject – <Schneier on Security>.

More information is available in the openSUSE GNOME User Guide – < Password keyrings>

Also here on the ArchWiki – <GNOME/Keyring>

It’s fascinating, but I just want it to go away. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning the utility of the thing, I just want to do his job without bothering me. You know, in a quiet manner.

If you have full disk encryption (FDE) it’s safe enough to set the gnome keyring password to an empty value so it’s unlocked by default on login.

But package updates can reset this value back to your user password.
There is a workaround for that particular problem:

Then, you’ll have to disable the systemd user service and the PAM entries which automatically call the GNOME Keyring when you login.

  • The ArchWiki article gives some hints as to where you’ll have to begin looking to do this.