Annoyance with Creative SoundBlaster X-FI GoPro

I have trouble with the integrated microphone jack on my computer so I’ve been trying a Creative SoundBlaster Go Pro! USB sound card. The system recognizes the card immediately after plugging it in and I get a message to the effect of “New sound device detected: Creative SoundBlaster, switching audio playback device.” in the KDE notification area. The problem is that it doesn’t switch devices, even after restarting the application in question (Firefox and Audacity) >:(. So I go into YaST and change the default device and it works :). But when I unplug it, the system doesn’t switch back to using the integrated dac >:(. So then I have to go back into YaST and set the default device back. This happens every time I try to do this, and because my system is a laptop that a move frequently, this is rather often.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this process happen automagically? Thanks in advance.