Android support?

Hi All,

Was playing around for ages to get me iPhone syncing etc but now got an Android phone (Galaxy S running Android 2.1) so i thought with it being Linux Based it would be supported out of the box. So i plug the phone into OS11.3 and it does nothing?

What Packages do i need to get the phone recognised and also so i can drop music etc onto it?not interested in App development i just want to be able to access the filesystem graphically


I just connect my android phone via usb and it si recognized as external hard disk…but first you have to mount it from the phone…that’s how you can copy anything in there…


I have a Nexus One with Android 2.2. Here, after connecting via USB, a screen on the Nerdphone is shown offering the activation of the USB connection. After pressing Yes the OpenSuse device manager is showing the content of the SD card in dolphin.

Good luck


As others mentioned you have to trigger the mount option on the phone itself before it is recognized. I think in Android 2.1 after you plug the phone into the computer you need to drag down the notification bar to select the Connect USB option of the phone, on Android 2.1 a screen appears instead.