An interesting idea

I’ve been playing around recently with Studio trying to build an
appliance that runs VMware player. While I know a USB flash drive isn’t
fast enough (really) to run a VM, I’m intrigued by the idea of running
VMware Player from a system booted from a flash drive.

Wondering if anyone has played with this before. I’m trying to do a
minimal system installation, so I’m doubtless missing some requirements
to actually run the installer (given that the installer just bounces out,
it looks like I need at least Python installed to get it running). It
almost looks like I may need to bundle up the install files from a fully-
built-out appliance (with all the dev stuff and a full desktop installed)
and then dump them in my minimal appliance.

Goal is to only have one application on the bootable system (that being
VMware player) and then access the built VMs from elsewhere.


Jim Henderson
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