amdgpu fan speed

In a cool room both my cpu and gpu will idle mid to low 30s but tonight I saw my gpu at 75 when I came out of a game that is heavy for my system. I’m not sure but that’s pretty scary to me. When I was using the old Catalyst drivers from Amd my fan speeds(Two fans on the card) would increase when I went into a game like that. I could hear them, but not with radeon or amdgpu. I can’t use the newer Crimson drivers as my card is too old. Is there any way I can make the open source drivers increase my gpu fan speeds when it’s under load?

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[QUOTE=Activation of the script and sysconfig variables can be performed by the included systemd service.[/QUOTE]

How do I do that? Will this activate fan control and keep the settings across reboots?

Um… As nearly as I can tell amd_gpu_power_profile seems to control power but not fan speed?

I found this: It’s just what I need and it works beautifully but it only runs as root. I put it in autostart but It won’t run on boot and login.

I’m looking around net no joy yet. Apparently it makes a difference that it’s a python program though.

Does the system support pwmconfig command if you run that?

The amdgpu profile should control the fan speed.

Yeah I have it but I don’t see how to configure it here. Let me go back through your posts. As I remember I don’t think I quite got how the percentages worked.

Got amdgpu-fan running on boot. It was supposed to become a service but apparently didn’t copy unit file to appropriate place. Looking around all day gave me clue and I found it in /etc/systemd/system/amdgpu-fan.service.

Thanks for all your help guys.

It works! Woo Hoo!

Yes, as per the wiki page I linked to. Glad to read of your progress with this.

You might want “radeon-profile” and “radeon-profile-daemon”

The github site(s) - and

There are also prebuilt OpenSUSE repos maintained by another user:

The GUI thing to do is open yast, add repos, and add the last two links, one at a time, then install both.

You can then, using Yast again, launch the services manager, enable the new radeon-profile-daemon and then start it, then you can launch the radeon-profile app, and it’ll run in the background, and has similar options to AMD’s wattman configuration in Windows.

It works great. I’ve got a custom fan curve set up, leaving my GPU at “auto” power, but when temps are 40C and below, the fans are totally off, at 65C are 100% on.

Before I installed this, I noticed that my fan speeds would never increase while gaming in Linux. I once watched my GPU hit 85C and then the display driver crashed. I had to restart.

edit: Oh, it also allows specific events, and I have one that at 80C, sets my GPU to minimal power, and my fans to 100%, just in case something really bad happens.