AMD video cards easier to use?

Do the AMD series video cards, like the newer 580 or 550 series, work better out of the box than the Nvidias? I have had nothing but trouble with my newer Nvidia 970 series. (I know that it is because of signed drivers and I have to install the hard way.) I am considering switching to AMD in hopes that I can get a desktop screen right off and install drivers from the repos very simply, instead of having to go to the command line, etc. Thanks.

The newer series AMD (GCN) cards work out of the box with the amdgpu kernel module (rather than radeon), no user interaction required (I have R4/R5 Mullins cards)… Depends on your graphics requirements…

There is the amdgpu-pro driver, but I imagine just like Nvidia will have issues with kernel updates on Tumbleweed, perhaps not as much as the amdgpu code is part of the kernel.

Here is a list of supported cards, it’s improving…

Thanks for the information! I’ll order one and try it out!!!