AMD Cool N Quiet


I have a computer that has an AMD Ryzen 3600 and it gets very hot. An option is available to save electricity and to cool the processor. It will see its frequency decrease if it is little used and it will return to normal in case of peak usage.

This is AMD’s Cool n’Quiet

This option was in automatic mode in the bios but I put it on activated. Then I came across it:

If I understood correctly, which is not sure, on ubuntu to take advantage of this option you have to configure things.

What about Opensuse Tubleweed?

How do I know if it’s enabled or how do I configure it?

Thank you

The tools are there, as root user run;

cpupower frequency-info

It will show all the info you need driver, governors in use, boost available etc.

If on automatic, all should be good, you can check by switching back and check the above command output.