Amarok skips tracks

Hello everyone.

After upgrading to KDE4.2.1. and Amarok 2.0.2 I get a strange behaviour of Amarok.
The player skips tracks in the playlist: imagine list is songs A B C D E, if you start by A it plays A, then skips B (and maybe C) and plays on the following songs.


  • it is NOT a codec problem: if skipped song B is double-clicked, plays fine;
  • People were discussing this in amarok forums, and it looks as if it’s a distro-specific problem:
    Skipped Tracks
  • upgrading Phonon and xine did not solve the problem for me (as for others out there).

Packages versions:

I’ve been getting this problem (although actually I get a split-second of sound from the beginning of skipped tracks) for a couple of days too. Just updated packages from KDE:KDE4:Factory on openSUSE 11.0:

kde4-amarok: 2.0.2-24.5
libphonon4: 4.3.1-28.10
phonon: 4.3.1-28.10
phonon-backend-xine: 4.3.1-28.10

Problem persists.

Strange. No issue here.

You are sure you don’t have random play set? (I know, I didn’t hardly dare mention it). It doesn’t really sound like that.:shame:

Something that just occurred to me that might have relevance here, is that the tracks I’m playing are coming off a network share (plugged into a FRITZ!Bix 3270).

@Paololinux: where are your tracks stored?

Is it possible that something changed in Amarok recently that means that if network traffic is delayed (for whatever reason), it will be concluded that the track doesn’t exist and it would be skipped?

Just a thought…

Switching to the GStreamer Phonon backend fixed this for me. Now I just have it’s bugs to deal with :wink:

Disabling fade-out seems to fix a problem I had with GStreamer and stopping tracks.

Main thing is that I can play and pause tracks from a playlist again!

How weird.

It looks that the problem arises because of ‘now playing’ plasmoid being on the desktop.
For details, see here:
Skipped Tracks

I replaced it with ‘playwolf’ and amarok rocks again.

The weird sides of open source software… :slight_smile:

Sounds simple, but did you try to rebuild your collection?