Amaraok and Sansa Clip

When I connect the Sansa clip via the USB cable …it mounts and I see the folders in my sansa…(podcasts, Music,…and stuff like that)…I dont see the Playlist folder…which I see in windows…but…more importantly…when I click in the Music Folder I odnt see any of the .mp3 files there should be at least like 330-380 songs in my sansa clip…i dont see any of them…I tried using amarok,…same thing happens. It shows me the folders…once I try to acces the folder…it says populating playlists and just doesnt give me any of teh songs…

Check the USB settings on the Clip. Is it in MTP or MSC mode?

also make sure show hidden files is checked sometimes there hidden

i actually googled b4 even i posted this here…it was initially in auto-dettect mode…and the google links i found told me to do it msc mode…which i tried and dint work…

Havoc…that didnt solve teh problem either…i tried the option of show hidden files…but no result…

Note that Sandisk lists Windows Media Player as a requirement for its Sansa line. Files transferred over in WMP may not be detected in other players or file managers. I had this experience with my E280 once and the ‘best’ solution at the time was to reformat it. If this is not possible, see if you can transfer the files to your hard drive in WMP. Be sure to switch to MSC (mass storage), and virtually any player will support the Clip. Mine works well in Banshee and Amarok.

To do this you will need to be in MTP mode.

well…i always just dragged and dropped ( this was in windoes system)…and they were all mp3…so now you want me to somehow make these all into .wmp format?..and see if it works…sry i am lil comfused…:frowning:

Sorry if I wasn’t clear, I meant to reformat the device, not the file format.

Sandisk has support forums with many Linux users. I’m sure this is a common problem, and you should get good suggestions from people there who have likely run into this many times. They may know a work around that I’m not aware of that won’t require erasing your files.

Sansa Clip Forum

If you find a solution there, please post it here, so other people with this problem can use it for reference. I’d be interested, as I’ve been using Sansa for years and couldn’t find a better solution than formatting.