Alternative to xscreensaver

Good day, everyone,

the thing is that the xscreensaver (particularly glslideshow) can’t perform a slideshow due to the bug in perl 5.10.0 (actually, every screensaver that depends on user-defined pictures doesn’t work), and as the desire to have a proper slideshow has become an idée fixe for me, i’d like to ask anyone, if there’s an alternative.

they promise to fix the bug in 5.10.1, but having occasionaly checked i haven’t noticed any signs of this event occuring anytime soon.
also, i don’t want to install older perl packages, as some critical applications (e.g. sax2) seem to depend on it. OS is suse 11.0, xscreensaver and perl are updated to the most recent versions via the default Updates repository.

i’d be thankful for any hint.