almost everything is invisible in opensuse 13.1 kde live

hi guys

i just decided to test kde for first time and my first choice was opensuse but it’s made me disappointed.

i booted up my pc with a usb created by imageWriter (windows version) and i faced with this (live mode):](

Looks like a graphics driver issue.

Try to press ‘F3’ at the boot menu (where you can choose to start the Live system or install f.e.) and choose “No KMS” (only available when not using UEFI), or press Shift+Alt+F12 to turn off compositing in KDE.

thanks, problem solved.

If you decide to install openSUSE, you can probably “fix” the underlying problem by installing the proper graphics driver (in case of NVidia or AMD cards).

This depends on which graphics card you are using of course.

That’s very similar to what I see, with the nouveau driver and my Nvidia card.

I solve it by switching off desktop effects (when using live media), or installing the nvidia driver (for an installed system).

thank you guys, you are awesome. but obviously kde & openSuse are not a smart choice for me, it’s just doesn’t feel right. it was a good experience.

thanks for your support.