Allow normal user to run root stuff.

I would like to allow normal users to run some root scripts (e.g the sound subsytem [alsa]) in cases sound is stuck.
What is the best way to allow this to happen in opensuse? There are many ways to do that (and I do not know how to use any of them :P) and I am not sure which one is more suse all right.

I would like to thank you in advance for your help.
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sudo. It’s not more SUSE or less SUSE, it works for Linux (and other Unix/Unix-like OSes), so what you learn is usable elsewhere.

That’s true… but how to configure sudo in suse ? Is it possible to do that with YaST?

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I’ve always done it with visudo from the CLI.

Maybe you should start YaST and at least look around which different areas of use it has. When you would have done this, you would have found that in YaST > Security and Users there is an item sudo. Be adventurous and look what it can do for you.

Thanks for the update. So I have tried the Yast way. I have managed to make /sbin/ifconfig for example to work for my normal user. I couldn’t though to make ifconfig to work directly for the normal user.

I do not know how to do that .

Could you please help me with that?

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The respective service / application still has to be started via ‘sudo’. If you’d like to start it within normal user interaction, you’d have to configure the rights of (for example) /sbin/ifconfig - which is a way I do not recommend, since file permissions are one of the reasons why Linux is such a secure system. One shouldn’t fiddle around with that.

Actually sudo does not allow any user to run root-only applications, but…

…for example ‘root’. ‘sudo’ is used to let users run certain applications without the need to share (for example) roots password with them.