All "Create New" open office files are .desktop - strange

A very strange thing started a month or so ago. Any time I try to a “Create New” openoffice file (any type) using right-mouseclick on the desktop or a file manager window, (open office of any type) they are all .desktop files. A setting seems to have gotten skewed. Does anyone know where that setting is and what it should show to not create these desktop files?

When I right mouseclick Create New/Blank File it does create a new text file. That is working well. It is the Open Office files, illustration, presentation, spreadsheet, and text that are all being set up as .desktop files.

thank you.

You may need to say which desktop you are using. In LXQT, it clearly says that you are creating a desktop entry.

Sorry, and yes, I am using LXQT

I am not familiar with LXQT, but most desktop environments have a templates folder ~/Templates. In there you can save files and then they show up in the “Create New” context menu. So you would have to launch OpenOffice and then save a blank file for each application inside the templates folder. Hope that helps.