Akonadi Migration PIM Maintenance Finished

All of a sudden, when I login, there is a notification appearing relating to Akonadi Migration, tellimg me that PIM Maintenance has finished.

I do not know what started this and I now find it quite annoying.

Is there a way to turn off this ‘migration’ or uninstall package(s) to stop it? I thought it might have been related to Kmail (which I do not use) and in uninstalling that, it also uninstalled pim-sieve-editor, but this particular notification keeps appearing.

Thank you.

Sadly, Akonadi has a bad reputation for high CPU usage, etc, after specific updates.

There was an extensive thread about a previous issue with it not long ago.

I’ve experienced the high CPU usage of it myself … I always killed its thread. Eventually, another update provided a fix.

What version of TW are you on right now?

Currently, it’s on Tumbleweed 20231029.

I also have TW installed on a second desktop as well as on an external USB SSD and I am not seeing this same notification on these other installs. I don’t know what occurred on the desktop where this is occurring.

Did you try if another (best a fresh created) user has the same?

No, I did not try it with a new user account. The notification went away for a few days, then it returned on the first boot/login after the 20231105 upgrade.

So … try it now :+1: