AirVPN client Eddie

This morning I wanted to open the AirVPN client Eddie and suddenly got this message,
“Access to the path /etc/issue is denied”
It won’t start now.
When i delete /etc/issue it works, but after restart same problem.
I had a Tumbleweed update yesterday, but I have no idea what caused it.
Hope that taking an idea.

Thanks, Gerrit Jan

Is this your post?

If so please do an:

ls -l /etc/issue

Seems strange it would be a link.

On Leap 42.3:

d3vnull@kvm:~> ls -l /etc/issue
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 50 Jul 19  2017 /etc/issue

Yes it’s my post :wink:

linux-n1x5:~ # ls -l /etc/issue
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12 May 25 13:14 /etc/issue -> ../run/issue

This is what happens…and it did not do it.

I assume the permissions on /run/issue does not let your user account read it. However, I will have to let someone running TW to respond as to whether /etc/issue is suppose to be a link to /run/issue, and what is recreating that link after you remove it.

Thank you, I am waiting quietly

Hm, not the ultimate answer. But I remember that that was subject to some discussion in a thread.

I found it. Stupid enough I wrote it myself:

And then do not forget to go to the problem link mentioned there.

This may have some relation to the problem here.

Since I had more problems with app’s under tumbleweed, I did a clean installation of Leap 15.
Everything works again as it should.
Tumbleweed gave me too many problems lately.
Thank you all for contributing.

Gerrit Jan