After upgrading to 3.0.11 firefox starts no more

After upgrading to 3.0.11 firefox doesn’t start any more, but instead exists with code 0.

With strace -f firefox that it doesn’t even read the profile files. But stops after reading .ICEauthority and .Xauthority.

Firefox 3.5beta4 is affected in exactly the same way.

I have openSUSE 11.1 using kernel on a x86_64 machine.

Did you try a reinstall of FF
Also try a new .mozilla folder, just rename the existing one to .mozilla_old

Renaming .mozilla doesn’t do anything, firefox doesn’t create a new folder.

I tried downgrading to 3.0.10, but this doesn’t work to it just pops a messagebox with title “[Script]” and the error message “Error launching browser window:no XBL binding for browser”.

Google gives:
Firefox Won’t Start!!!

Today after booting, firefox startet automatically and created a new .mozilla folder. So the problem is fixed now. Thanks for your help.