After update,can't get to X :"no job control in this shell"

After an update today, my kernel got upgraded to kernel- With this update, my old initrd- got removed and corresponding grub menu options also got removed.

Now after reboot,I am dropped to a shell with the last message being “no job control in this shell”.

I cannot startx or change to init 5. In fact, the ‘boot’ partition is not mounted.Even the root partition ( LVM volume ) is not mounted. I guess there was some problem in the initrd creation. I do not know the reason.

An earlier post with this title seems to think problem in fstab.But my fstab was not touched by the update.

How to get back to normal desktop?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have access to network ? If so, go in root, type yast2 (in ncurse) at the command prompt and reinstall the kernel

No,there was no network.

But I have overcome the problem and I explain how below:

1.Run a live cd
2.Generate new initrd files for the working kernel, the initrd for the other kernel somehow used to get broken. The man page for the mkinitrd explains this process very clearly.
3.Now I could restart and reboot into the installed OS version.
4.from Console and GUI, now options open up for cleaning up.

However, I could not understand how kernel update ended in breaking the system.In any Opensuse distribution, you have four kernel packages for any version / variety. Kernel-default, kernel-default-base, kernel-default-devel, kernel-devel. For the affected kernel,, there was no kernel-default package available… I guess that broke it.