After kernel version change Login screen doesn't came

After change kernel version from “kernel-desktop-3.12.4~jng21” to “3.11.10”, Login screen doesn’t appear ony I see system console.
I can login from console with root password but I can’t start kde. I can open the system with selecting “openSuse linux 3.11.10 recovery” from grub menu.
My computer info
**Processor : **AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor
**Graphic card : **Asus gts450 graphic card
Os version : Linux 3.11.10-17-desktop openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (x86_64)

That’s an nvidia card, right?

Are you using the proprietary nvidia driver?
You might have to reinstall it for the current kernel.

I reinstalled nvidia driver and problem solved.
Thank you wolfi323.

You’re welcome.

FYI, if you install the nvidia driver “the hard way” (via the .run installer from nvidia’s homepage), you have to reinstall it whenever you install/use a new kernel (via updates f.e.)

If you install it “the easy way” (via the rpm packages from the nvidia repo) this should not be necessary.
If you did install it that way, your problem might come from the kernel version discrepancy though.
I.e. you installed (compiled) the kernel module for kernel 3.12, the resulting module might not work with kernel 3.11 then.