Aesthetics for the Forum

Hey all,

First I want to say that you guys did a great job on combining the three SUSE forums together, and it’s looking great! Although it may not be entirely done (or it may be), I have a simple suggestion: the OpenSUSE Website has a great layout, simple, but clean at the same time, so my suggestion was that maybe the SUSE forums could have a skin similar to that of the website. The current one gets the job done, but it’s a bit over-simplified.

It’s just a suggestion, and I understand if it is declined.

Best of luck on the forum!

The default skin actually was made to match the openSUSE wiki design…in fact it was created by the same person that created the wiki skin.

Okay, thanks. :slight_smile:

I think it’s jsut a matter of getting used to compared to the other (old) SUSE forums. Thanks for the response.

hehe…yea, all of us that came from other forum sets have to get used to new looks, new ways of doing things, etc. Even the site admins from the combined forums that have been working on this for the past 6 months or so are having growing pains. These new forums are not like any of the merged forums. Hopefully we’ve taken the best of breed from all. Nothing is set in stone however, and as the community gets involved and grows, the forums will evolve with it. This is just a starting place.

Oh, one thing. I didn’t want to start a new topic for this, so I’ll just post it here: on the – OpenSUSE template layout, if you click the expand/collapse buttons ( - + ), the forum below does not expand or collapse, but rather, the button itself just disappears. Not a huge deal, just wanted to let you know, in case that would cause other problems visually.

Thanks. We updated vBulletin versions just before the launch and we gave a quick look at the default (openSUSE-Forums) style, but have yet to get to the openSUSE style. To be honest, that’s an old style but I left it in just to see if it gets any traction from users. I was hoping it would go away, but if it’s popular, we’ll maintain it. The style bugs should be fixed in the next few days.

One suggestion I have is to have the menues on the left side hidable.

I am using a laptop with 1024x768 resolution and the site seems a bit cramped to me. That couple extra spaces would make a difference in the readability of the forums and such.

Just a suggestion.


There is the –OpenSUSE theme (bottom-left dropdown) which is a bit thinner (width-wise) and may help.