Advice: buying a labtop with Linux already installed?

Hoping to get some advice.
Want to buy a new labtop. Mine is about 8 years old.
Thinking of getting one with Linux already installed. The website below says openSUSE is the best Linux labtop “distribution”, whatever a distribution is.

I’m not very knowledgeable computer-wise. I can use one, but installing an operating system, ect: not so sure about that. For instance, how could you even operate a computer in order to install openSUSE if the computer did not already have an operating system? And, where do you get a computer without an operating system? And, if I bought a computer with an operating system, it seems like I would have payed a lot of money for something I don’t want. Clearly, I’m misssing something.
Hoping someone can help.
Want a new labtop computer (or is it laptop? Heck if I know). Want Linux. Want help to make it happen.



The main benefit of getting one with linux already installed, is that you will know that the hardware is compatible with linux.

From what I have seen, most places that sell a system with preinstalled linux will have installed Ubuntu. But it isn’t too hard to install a different distro.

The computer will already have a BIOS that is capable of booting an operating system. You use a CD or DVD to install. The computer boots from the operating system installed on that CD or DVD.

Installing linux is usually not hard. The difficult part is when you have a computer that comes with Windows using the entire disk, and you want to keep Windows while installing linux. It’s a lot easier if you are installing on a clean disk.

I’m pretty sure that Dell sells computer with linux pre-installed, though you might have to order over the Internet. Other vendors probably also will sell one with linux installed, again over the internet. If you have a local computer store (not one of the big chains), you might be able to get a custom built and installed system. I’m not sure if that will cost more.

Thanks for the reply. That was very helpful.
I found a site that sells linux friendly machines: preinstalled and not.
PCs For Everyone : Linux Notebooks and Desktops : Custom Computers with Linux Preinstalled or No OS
They list three linux distributions for personal use: Ubuntu, Fedora and openSUSE.

I’ll probably be back with more questions.

  1. You don’t have to be computer-wise to start using Linux. That’s the most frequent prejudice, that one has to be a genius to use Linux. False.
  2. openSUSE is not afraid of loneliness, though it can get along quite well with other OS on the same laptop :slight_smile:
  3. You can get computers without OS preinstalled, I don’t know exactly where, but there still are many computer shops selling them like that, blank.