additional repos

in mandriva, I used easy urpmi and it made everything work however with this distro, flash, etc… does not work but how do I add extra repos to make more software available during updates?

Welcome to the forum. Please have a look at this link:
Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE

There are some pointers in some previous threads that can help if you do a search. Additionally there are stickies of howtos at the top of different sections of the forum that can help you starting with opensuse.

There is a new comer to opensuse that had some of the members throw their advises that might be of help. Here is the link
Transformation Completed. Linux,& May the source be with you - openSUSE Forums

Enjoy your stay in the opensuse forum, this is a friendly community, if you find me joking around sometimes it’s just to add some green to a dull brown moment, but it means no harm.:wink:

Lastly, when you discover yast or yast2 and zypper things will never be the same again.


thanks. got it all now.

No problem