Additional Fonts Required - gnome-software

Since switching to KDE from LXDE (this includes the removal of all LXDE componets via yast), I am now getting a notification telling me “Additional Fonts Required” when running gnome software under KDE. I tried clicking on the notification to get further details, but nothing appears. I looked through log files that I am aware of, but again, see no details as to just what fonts I am missing.

Any suggestions on how to get details on just what fonts I need to install?


One thought would be to see what font files were removed in the LXDE desktop removal. Look at package add/remove history. Then reinstall any deleted fonts found in removal…

Yast -> Software Management -> Extras -> Show History This shows all additions and delections from initial install date. Perhaps you can locate what was removed.

Good luck, tom kosvic

 # zypper refresh --force
 # zypper verify
 # rpm --verify --all

Carefully inspect the output and install the packages indicated as “missing”.

  • For the case of the RPM verification, you’ll often have to find the package which contains the indicated missing file – “rpm --query --whatprovides «missing file name
    »” …

Ran all of the above, and I didn’t see anything related to fonts other than local cache files. Not sure what to do at this point.

Ran the command and saw only modules related to LXDE components and nothing referencing fonts directly in the name. I’m thinking about reinstalling the LXDE pattern (but stay with KDE) and see if the error goes away.

Please remember that, when you are performing a re-installation as a repair then, you’ll have to perform a “forced” reinstallation –

  • “zypper install –force
    «packet name(s)»”