Adding desktop shortcuts to taskbar

First I apologize for using Windows terminology but I am not yet conversant with the Linux GUI terms. Slowly moving from Windows to Linux.

I want to create shortcuts like the Quick Launch buttons in Windows. In Windows it is as easy as dragging a desktop shortcut on to the Quick Launch bar. How do I do that in OpenSuSE 11? All I see is the option to add widgets which are pre-programmed shortcuts. I want to add OpenOffice Writer and Spreadsheet and other programs which I installed using Wine.


Well, you are probably going to need to add a generic launcher, and fill in the command to launch the program in the launcher’s settings.

Try to add the widget “Quick Launcher” or “Run Command” to the panel, either by adding it directly, or by adding it to the desktop and then dragging it down (which I think works, but I’m not sure). You will need to fill in the command to launch the program in the widget’s settings.

If you are using kde4
If you are using slab not the kde classic(kmenu) you can just click the (geeko icon “start in windows” and navigate to oowriter and right click it and add to panel. Not really using kde for a while so I am not so clear in explaining it. I apologize if there is an error. If you are using xfce this is a very easy task.

If you are using KDE4 (which I guess you are) then here’s how to go about it:

  1. First make sure that widgets are unlocked (right click on desktop and select unlock widgets)
  2. Open the KDE4 menu and navigate to the application of your choice
  3. Right click on the application icon and select ‘Add to Panel’, and then you will see that the corresponding icon has appeared in the panel.
  4. To move the icon in the panel right click on it and select ‘Start move of Icon’, and move it to the desired location.

There is also a quick-launcher community plasmoid which you can get from the opensuse repositories but it may not be completely bug-free. Hope that helps.

I don’t believe that it was so simple and I totally missed it. Thank you so much. It works great.


Fantastic! It really works!
I was searching for solution for a long time
And it’s really pity, you have to do 4 steps to add custom program instead of just dragging it.

Could you please point me where could I configure TaskBar in KDE4 (ex, add button wich hides panel, like in kde3)? There is no more Control Center in KDE4 :frowning: