Adding Acronis to Grub list

How to add Acronis to Grub list.

#Acronis Grub menu.lst entry kernel.dat & ramdisk.dat from Acrions hided partition

unhide (hd0,7)
root (hd0,7)
kernel (hd0,7)/Recovery Manager/kernel.dat quiet vga=788 ramdisk_size=40000 acpi=off noapic
initrd (hd0,7)/Recovery Manager/ramdisk.dat

It can’t run.
It shows that it can’t mount hd0,7
In Yast, the acronis partition is sda8.
It seems that system don’t recognize its file system.
It’s fat32 in fact.

How to do?

I’m sorry I posted to a error forum

Why don’t you use the setup tool from True Image to add ATI to the bootprocess ?

Then all you have to do is press F11 when booting the machine to enter ATI.

  1. I think maybe it will lose grub boot.
  2. If I can do it with grub, I will find a solution to boot the backup systems of a new laptop. Because I did install Linux with a new laptop 3 years ago. It took me much time to reinstall my OEM windows. Because I lost the function F10 to start the backup system.

So I hope there is a solution to boot the backup system with GRUB.