Add Lock Screen Button to Kickoff?

How would I add the Lock Screen button alongside the Shutdown, Reboot, and Logoff buttons on the Kickoff panel?


I also wanted to add it to kickoff. But i was able to add it to the panel by adding it from the widgets, now i find it easy to lock. :slight_smile:

It is also easy to lock with Ctrl-Alt-L :wink:

you can make a new desktop file that runs Lock screen and add it to your favorites (it would be just above the Kickoff)

Ok. Thanks everyone.

Yes, locking it with Ctrl-Alt-L is really very easy now. You can also create a new desktop file that can run the lock screen. Later on, you can add it to your favorites.

First unluck the widgets
In your image you see the Power/Session
click it and you will see lock, mouse right click lock
and choose add to favorites. Enjoy using your lock shortcut.:wink:

I added the Lock/Leave widget to the taskbar/panel, and clicked the one to Leave, expected to be prompted to choose shutdown/reboot or at least confirm I wanted to leave. It dimmed the screen but nothing else popped-up. I’m able to Lock the session and that screen looks correct, but when I reenter the session, it’s still dimmed. Clicking Shutdown, Restart, and Logoff have no effect.