ActiveX error 429

I am trying to install a pretty obscure program in Linux : Lingualinks

When installing this I get

Run-time error: ‘429’:
ActiveX component can’t be create object

I have followed another thread and it suggested using winetricks

The only activex components under wintricks are
the Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and firefox plugins
MS ActiveX Control Pad

Neither of these seem to be relevant.

I copied the dll into system32 directory

Any suggestions?

As it appears this is software for Windows: SIL Publications: 9781556711237 (right?).

You are running it under Wine? Unfortunately I have not the slightest idea what the problem is, but you should give a lot more information, to get useful help from someone. Please state version of OS, what you did, how you installed it, where you got stuck, what you would have expected to happen, any relevant system output wrapped in

 tags ...

Thanks for your response vodoo.

Yes that is the program.
Sorry for leaving out the obvious info

OpenSuse 11.3 KDE (standard DVD installation)

I inserted the cd into the drive and clicked the exe install file and ran it via wine.

The installation runs through to what seems to be the end and then I get the above mentioned error

The above error is the only output I get. Or at least that I know of.
Where should I look?

Thank you for assisting a newbie!


You do know that all Windows programs will not run under wine?? In Windows ActiveX controls must be registered. This produces an interface definition in the Windows registry. So even if you do have the needed dll’s the thing won’t work unless the registry entries are there. The really big problem is that the error does not seem to indicate which ActiveX control is missing.

If this is a must have program you may consider installing Windows in a Virtual Machine (VM) like VirtualBox.

winetricks ie6

If not, please attach a console log.

Also, can you reproduce the problem with any of the individual apps at SIL Software Catalog:All SIL Software Titles ?

Windows 7 error 429 appears when the user tries to open ActiveX dependent web pages. It may also occur when a user tries to load an application.
Runtime error 429: “ActiveX component can’t create object”
Reinstall Windows Script
Repair Windows Script File Information in Registry
Reregister Concerning File
Reset Internet Explorer Settings
Restore your Computer
Repair System Files
i also faced this problem many times but i fixed it, i also got some help from this article
error429]( , hope someone might get help from this article.