Acer laptop fan spinning constantly with suse 11

Hi everybody, I’ve just had installed suse 11, KDE 4, kernel
on my laptop Acer 5102WLMI, AMD Turion 64x2. Its my very first time with linux, my bro installed it for me, and everything is working perfectly.
The only problem I’ve noticed, is that the fan is spinning constantly even if the temp hardly ever goes over 40C. It’s quite loud and is getting me crazy. Although a complete newbie, in the past two days I have tried everything I could find on the web to try and set the temperature at which the fan kicks in, and the temperature at which it stops. In particular, I have tried to do everything suggested in <>, the only difference being that the file I had to modify wasn’t


but rather it was the file


I have also tried to download, make executable, and copy to /etc/init.d the shell ‘acerfan’ found in

Well, after all this - and it took quite some time as I knew NOTHING about linux, not even how to open a command line :smiley: - the fan still starts immediately after booting and hardly ever stops (it may stop for few seconds every hour…). And the temperature of the CPU is always below 40C, generally around 37C.

Please, if anybody can help that would be much appreciated. I am starting to like opensuse, and everything else works well (thanks mostly to my bro, who is on holidays though at the moment). If there isn’t anything else to be done, I will try another distro, but before that, I want to make sure I have not overlooked something easy. many thanks

try issuing

cat /proc/acpi/thermal_zone/TZ1/trip_points

Maybe you can google up a solution how to set up those triggers directly, using echo and piping or something like that.