Acer aspire 6920

Hey. I am a new member here. And i am also running ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. And as you all guess i am running the acer aspire 6920. With 4 giga bytes of ram. A core 2 due processor And the nvidia geforce 9500M GS. I decided to give suse a try because of the recent talk about how the latest version is much better than ubuntu
Tho you can search the model on the internet and find all the specs. Most of the question rely on the hard ware part which is why i though it should go in this section.

1- Will the sound be fully functional. in ubuntu the sound is semi functional. I still can hear stuff from the laptop. But i have no control over it. no control over the volume etc.

2- Will the laptop work all straight out of the box. Or atleast most of the things. Just like in ubuntu? or will the stuff in suse not be as friendly as it was in ubnutu?

3-If anyone had any open suse experience with the acer aspire 6920 please share them

4-Will the interface be as glitchy and crashes , freezes every ten seconds?

5- There is wine in suse right?

6- Is suse gaming friendly? And noob friendly?

you can test sound and hw compatibility by running a live iso from a dvd or usb.(it will not fit onto cd)
You will need some time to figure out a few things as openSUSE “is not equal to” Ubuntu. Each distro is unique. Donot expect everything to work the same way in multiple distros.
Go through the multimedia guide for 12.3
Go through forum faq
read articles,blogs to understand various stuff
we do have steam and wine on openSUSE. you can search for packages through Download openSUSE 12.3
Most important is to read the release notes openSUSE 12.3 Release Notes
Lizards site has some useful articles