Acct only shows root

I have a fresh install of Suse 11.2 and I also installed the package: acct

I then did this to enable it:
chkconfig psacct on
/etc/init.d/psacct start

The strange thing is that it seems that only root activity is being logged. I want to know how much time other users are spending on tasks.
So, for example here is the FULL output of this command:
sa -m
3106 1046606161.47re 8.71cp 0avio 4305k
root 3106 1046606161.47re 8.71cp 0avio 4305k

It is not showing my other user accounts.
sa -u
just has root in the first column, none of the user processes.

Is there some other command to activate logging for all users?
Is there a bug in acct?

Thanks much,