Accidentally deleted Helvetica

I accidentally removed helvetica in Start=>Configure Desktop=>Font Management, and now some websites in my browser look thouroughly awkward with barely readable fonts. Is there a way to restore Helvetica font? I cannot click on the “defaults” it’s greyed out!

There is no “helvetica” in a default openSUSE installation.
Only “Adobe Helvetica”, but that’s a bitmap font, so I doubt that you meant that.

Probably you mean Microsoft’s “Arial”? That’s similar to Helvetica.
Then reinstall the package “fetchmsttfonts”, this will download and install those fonts.

sudo zypper in -f fetchmsttfonts

Yes, sorry for not giving more info I was in a hurry. OpenSUSE 13.2 and yes, using KDE and yes, KDE’s font manager was the place. Actually, i remember seeing “Helvetica” in font management "all fonts section, but of course no more since I removed it. Gonna try that, thanks mate!

Well, the only “Helvetica” I see here is “Adobe Helvetica” as mentioned, but I don’t think you’d mean that.
Anyway, this would be part of “xorg-x11-fonts”, so try to reinstall that as well:

sudo zypper in -f xorg-x11-fonts

Did you install any additional fonts packages?
You could run “rpm -Va” to find out which package has files missing…

The “sudo zypper -f xorg-x11-fonts” fixed my problem somehow, not sure what it did but it doesn’t matter as long everything works okay. Thanks alot mate! :3

Well, it copied all files from that packages to the correct places on your hard disk again, including the “Adobe Helvetica” font.

Reply with quoteTHanks wolfi, you’re really helpful mate! :slight_smile: