Access to kde from gnome


Can anyone help me please?

I seem to have successfully installed KDE in addition to Gnome but I don’t know how to access it. I dont get the option at startup or logout?


Hi. You should be able to select your desktop environment in the lower-left corner of the login screen.

I don’t get a login screen, When i fire up i don’t even need to use my password

When you log out of gnome a login screen will appear.

yes, and when i log out my pc shuts down.

You need to remove automatic login.


Well, my desktop is german but I guess the option I mean is called log-out in english. There should be reboot, shutdown, suspend to ram, suspend to disk, change user, lock screen and log-out in the start menu.
If not, you can disable autologin in Yast. Go to the expert options in the user management thing.

Thanks Please could u tell me how i do that?